kforce kids' stem fairs

Inspiring the Next Generation

With a shortage of talented people to fill the most in-demand STEM roles, as many as 2 million STEM jobs are predicted to go unfilled. Our Kforce Kids' STEM Fair was formed to inspire future professionals to break into the STEM talent landscape. 

Our first Kforce Kids' STEM Fair

In March of 2019, we held our first-ever Kforce Kids' STEM Fair at our Tampa headquarters which aligns with our stewardship pillar of educating the next generation of innovators, creators and experts. Guests at our Tampa Kids’ STEM Fair enjoyed science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related activities led by 14 community partners.

Kids also had the opportunity to meet nine talented professionals in a STEM field. This event was open to children throughout the community, with an emphasis on organizations such as Hope Children’s Home.  



With community partners from Aetna to Microsoft, over 230 guests at our Tampa STEM fair learned about different career paths available in this growing field that make a meaningful impact on our lives. Students in grades K-8 and their families had the opportunity to explore their curiosity in STEM by experiencing hands-on activities ranging from LEGO mosaic models to coding games.



The STEM fair is really all about educating kids on the opportunities for them to change the world. There’s going to be quite a delta of expertise needed in STEM, and if we can do anything to help people get excited about these important topics we must do it. 

— Kforce Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Thomas


With the resounding success of our first event, our STEM fair has since expanded to a national level. In August 2019 alone, we held two events in our St. Louis and Reston offices, and that is just the beginning.