Unique Kforce Solutions Solve Client Security Vulnerabilities

Kforce Solves Client Security Vulnerabilities

Facing security vulnerabilities and a tight timeline, a technology giant turns to Kforce for help

In a recent case study, we explored the multitude of ways that our unique services helped a global technology company bolster their security practices while netting significant savings.


The dilemma was simple: the company was facing critical security changes, and needed assistance in meeting strict compliance standards. There were security gaps that needed to be filled, security processes to be improved–and it all needed to be completed on a tight timeline. The client turned to Kforce for a unique talent acquisition solution that would address these.


The solution was clear: Kforce’s Managed Engagement model. Strategically designed to zero in on our client’s individual priorities, our Managed Engagement model empowered us to assist with talent identification, talent deployment, weekly status reports and monthly performance reviews, along with a custom interview process that minimized the interview-to-onboarding timeline from four weeks to one. We built the client a full spectrum security team who unearthed over 1,000 security vulnerabilities for the client – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on a quarterly basis.

“Some vulnerabilities that were identified by Kforce consultants included insufficient authentication practices that allowed compromise of administrative accounts, and full control of several production systems,” an Information Security consultant for Kforce said. “In addition, Kforce consultants found network misconfigurations that allowed external connections into the client’s production network.”

It was clear that the client was vulnerable to high-impact security. However, Kforce was there to help. “[The Client] has recently implemented stronger authentication protocols to solve the first problem and Kforce consultants have automated searching for similar network misconfigurations in the future,” our consultant explained.


This is merely one of many examples that illustrate why it is so important for companies to place a strong emphasis on security. “When security is not taken seriously it leads to abuse or compromise of customer data and [the] company is no longer viewed as a trustworthy business partner, or one customers are willing to use as a service,” our consultant said.  “Once trust is lost, it is very difficult to gain it back. Security compromises often lead to serious financial repercussions, as evidenced by the recent Yahoo hack that affected half a billion accounts and resulted in Verizon questioning the purchase deal.”

Here at Kforce, we understand that the ability to keep information secure is absolutely critical to a company’s success. When security is compromised, a business is opened up to numerous risks – each more serious than the last.