Kforce's Advanced Services delivers custom solutions and managed services that improve business productivity.

Whether performed under a Statement of Work (SOW) or as a part of your flexible workforce program, we configure our Advanced Service offerings to achieve maximum value toward your business outcomes.


Managed Services

Our managed services range from onsite resource management to full-service delivery, specifically configured to provide maximum value in alignment with our clients’ project needs.

Managed Services include:

  • Workforce planning and financial modeling.
  • Logistics management (systems, desk, badge, etc.).
  • Streamlined talent acquisition processes.
  • Service delivery definition, execution and performance management.
  • Customized consultant playbook, ramp plans and skills uplift.
  • Dashboard reporting of KPIs and SLAs.


High-Volume Engagements

Kforce is a proven leader in addressing clients’ initiatives that require a sizeable number of consultants to be fully staffed within a short time frame.

High-Volume Engagements include:

  • Economies of scale and increased value with volume rebates and time savings.
  • Consistent and scalable talent acquisition and selection processes aligned with client’s business model.
  • Accelerated productivity through talent selection, onboarding and training.


Custom Projects

Kforce is uniquely positioned to assemble customized teams of highly-skilled professionals for client-led initiatives.

Custom Projects include:

  • The right people, skills and expertise tailored to the scale and scope of the client’s desired program.
  • Proven, collaborative processes to alight project services and deliverables with measurable business outcomes.
  • Regular assessments to ensure value and continuous improvement throughout the engagement.


Consultancy Services

Kforce delivers world-class consultants to help many clients achieve large, complex business transformations.

Consultancy Services include:

  • Consultative services with the most relevant knowledge and experience available in the market.   
  • Insight on solutions utilized in the industry that may be unbeknownst to clients.      
  • Innovative ideas to solve challenging problems- all at a cost-effective model.