Take your workforce strategies to the next level with managed services, flexible staffing and high-volume engagements.

With 50+ years of expertise, we understand the challenges affecting organizations every day and the need for flexible staffing solutions. Kforce Advanced Services provides customized engagements that best align with your organization’s needs. Whether it’s to build and manage teams more efficiently, obtain subject matter guidance, or complete initiatives under a service delivery model - Kforce is your trusted partner.

Multiple Offerings

  • Managed Services: Kforce has the ability to oversee all aspects of your contingent workforce program through flexible staffing. 
  • Custom Projects: We have the right people, skills and experience to deliver customized teams for your business initiatives. 
  • High-Volume Engagements: No matter the size of the project, Kforce provides scalable solutions in a timely manner.
  • Consultancy Services: Rely on us for subject matter expertise, guidance and recommendations. 

Competitive Advantages

  • Proven Track Record: We deliver custom solutions to organizations of all sizes.
  • National Network: We provide extensive talent services with relevant industry insight.
  • Flexible Solutions: Our flexible models are configured to your unique business objectives.
  • Valued Partner: Increase value through a partnership based on shared risk and mutual investment.
Kforce's Flexible Staffing Model