Entering Hours

Enter the total hours you worked each day into the Hours section of the Timecard page. You can enter your timecard information each day, or all at one time at the end of the week.

note.gif  If your timecard shows In/Out boxes for you to enter punch shift times for each day you worked, refer to the Entering Punch Time topic for instructions on how to do this. Punch time entry is a client or state driven requirement.

To enter hours:

1)      In the Hours section of the Timecard page, enter the hours you worked each day. Press the Tab key to move from day to day.

 If you enter piece counts, or units, select the Hours for Piecework type.

2)      Input the total number of hours you worked each day.

 If you are working an overnight shift, your hours will need to be split at midnight because any time after midnight is considered a different day. For example, if you worked from 9 PM Monday until 3 AM Tuesday, you worked 6 total hours. To enter your time correctly you would enter 3 hours on Monday, to cover 9 PM to 12 AM, and 3 hours on Tuesday, to cover 12 AM to 3 AM.

3)      If you are eligible to enter time for another pay category, such as paid time off, you must enter those hours on a separate row. If applicable, click the Add New Row  button, select the pay type from the drop-down menu, and repeat steps 1-2 of this procedure until you have entered every pay type.
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4)      Confirm the daily and weekly totals match your totals for the week by viewing the Totals column. 

 If you enter a row in error, you can click the red X at the end of the row to delete it.

5)      If applicable, use the Special Timecard Notes box to add any details required by your client.

 This area is not used for timecard processing and should not be populated otherwise.

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