About Kforce

Kforce is an award-winning professional staffing and solutions firm that provides strategic partnership in the areas of Technology and Finance & Accounting services.

Founded in 1962, our name stands for KnowledgeForce® which describes our customer-centric Kforce Knowledge Process that delivers high-touch, relationship-driven results backed by progressive technologies. Kforce consistently ranks in the top five U.S. search firms. In fact, Kforce is one of Forbes’ Top 5 Search Firms across the U.S., a title we wear with pride.

Each year, our network of more than 50 offices and two national recruiting centers provide opportunities to 36,000 highly skilled professionals who work with over 4,000 clients, including 70% of the Fortune 100.


Who We Are

Mission: Uniting professionals to achieve success through lasting personal relationships®.

Vision: To have a meaningful impact on all the lives we serve®.

Brand Promise: Great results through strategic partnership and knowledge sharing®.

Tagline: We Love What We Do. We Love Who We Serve.®


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Our Process

Staffing firm - Kforce Knowledge Process

Kforce Core Values

in the words of our Great People

Anish Masih

Anish Masih

Market & Sales Operations Director, Kforce

“Efficiency, creativity and innovation are the by-products of knowledge sharing. We perform at our fullest potential and gain leverage as an individual, team or firm from sharing experiences and expertise with each other.”

Brittani Barret

Brittani Barrett

Market Manager, Kforce

“Knowledge is power. Passing it forward and empowering others through things you have learned, mistakes you turned into opportunities and best practices that have proven successful are one of the greatest gifts you can give.”

Sam Wang

Sam Wang

Internal Staffing Operations Specialist, Kforce

“Empowering people through knowledge sharing means going above and beyond. I not only equip people with an answer, but also with supplemental information that can help transform them into a subject matter expert.”

Carolina Reinberg

Carolina Reinberg

Onboarding Specialist, Kforce

“Empowering people through knowledge sharing means setting everyone up for success, allowing others to knock down barriers and eliminating the fear of not knowing. When we are more knowledgeable, we are more powerful.”

Tyler Green

Tyler Greene

Region SVP, Kforce

“Knowledge sharing is our fundamental responsibility as human beings to help people personally and professionally reach a better outcome. Sharing information and experiences is part of the fabric that allows that to happen.”

Niecy Johnson

Niecy Johnson

Field Executive Admin, Kforce 

“Empowering people through knowledge sharing is a way to connect enthusiastically amongst colleagues, family and friends to soar into greatness! By blending talents and knowledge, you produce ingredients of commitment, loyalty and teamwork.”

In the Community

Kforce loves serving the community through stewardship


“Kforce takes the time to really listen to your needs and provides an impressive turnaround time in delivering qualified candidates in a candidate-short market.”

— Global Cancer Treatment and Research Center