Kforce IT Director shares career journey with Women Who Code

Women Who Code | September 2022

Shermila Lemos-Martina offers leadership and career advice for women in the technology field in a recent podcast. She also recounts her Kforce journey and explains how she developed a passion for Agile.

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How to thrive in a competitive job market

TEQ One Mic Stand | June 2022

Kforce experts appeared on the Pittsburgh Technology Council's podcast to discuss the current job market and share advice to successfully navigate these trends. Bryant Covelli, Brittany Roberts and Kelsey Hagelberg offer insights on changing work models, job seekers’ preferences, H-1B visas and more.

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Understanding the dangers of a drawn-out hiring process

MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance and Benzinga | June 2022

National outlets recently featured Kforce data and expert insights showing why companies that are quick and decisive in the hiring process will see more success. A national survey found that most job seekers want the hiring process to last a week or less. Kforce experts explain how companies can streamline their hiring process to stand out in a competitive market.


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Recruiting post-pandemic: how to hire for emerging jobs

Recruitment.com | June 2022

Meeting the hiring needs of companies seeking to fill emerging roles is a top priority for recruiters, according to a recent Recruitment.com article. The story features best practices from experts in the field, including Kforce Senior Vice President of Vertical Delivery Erin Zaller. “Emerging roles allow companies the chance to bring on these experienced, curious, innovative and engaged employees,” Zaller said.

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How office occasional helps Kforcers build their best life-work balance

Grand Rapids Business Journal | June 2022

Grand Rapids Director Julianne Schaal describes what office occasionalSM looks like in practice. The Grand Rapids Business Journal showcases Kforce’s approach to life-work balance and commitment to helping employees design their best lives. The story also features Kforce data explaining job seekers thoughts on hybrid work.

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