Our Commitment to Going Green

Here at Kforce, we recognize the importance of being an eco-conscious corporation for our society, our business and our people. We are dedicated to mitigating our carbon footprint and continuously seek ways to operate more sustainably.

By being mindful of our impact and seizing every opportunity to be eco-friendly, we’ve made significant strides in meeting our Stewardship & Community goals as they pertain to the environment.

We’ve consistently made changes to our sourcing practices and operations initiatives to responsibly manage the impact our firm has on the environment, such as:






We are dedicated to reducing the impact single-use products have on the environment. Over 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold in the US annually, which is enough paper to fill a football field 10 stories high. By transitioning to fully digital holiday cards in 2020, our Kforce family saved the resources required to print, deliver and dispose of 16,500 cards and envelopes.





We reuse materials whenever possible by donating electronic items that are no longer needed to local charities rather than disposing of these potentially hazardous and nonbiodegradable materials into a landfill. With nearly 40 million tons of global electronic waste produced annually, Kforce has made it a priority to decrease our firm’s contribution to this total as much as possible.





We believe in being eco-conscious when purchasing office materials. With paper accounting for over 25% of landfill waste, we use recycled paper products whenever possible and our manufactured paper meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified sourcing standards. This initiative, in conjunction with encouraging employees to minimize paper consumption, reduces paper pollution in our world.



Did you know? Kforce’s headquarters is ENERGY STAR® certified, which means our Tampa office performs in the top 25% of buildings nationwide due to the year-round maintenance and services of our facilities team. This certification is just one small part of how we’re working hard to conserve the environment for years to come.

energy star certified

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Working together toward a sustainable world

In addition to reducing our consumption of natural resources and supporting corporate conservation efforts, we are committed to having a meaningful impact on all the lives we serve®. That commitment extends to our clients, candidates, employees, communities and environment. Here at Kforce, we’re proud of the time, effort and passion our Kforce family has put in to protect our environment.