5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Virtual Team


Merry & Fun Holiday Celebrations for Remote Teams

It’s that time of year again – the lights are twinkling, the hot cocoa is flowing and holiday festivities are in full swing. While seasonal office parties are a tried-and-true tradition in the workplace, those who are working remotely can’t always come together to celebrate in person. If you’re part of a remote team, there are still plenty of entertaining and creative ways to commemorate the holiday season together. 

Why team celebrations are important during the holidays 

Holiday celebrations are an important part of building team camaraderie, even more so for those working remotely. Celebrating virtually can help enhance your remote culture, combat feelings of disconnection or isolation and build excitement for the coming year.  

5 Remote Team Celebration Ideas 

Check out these five festive ideas to kick off your next virtual celebration. 

1. Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt 

Make a list of common holiday items, like classic movies or books, decorations or seasonal food items. Then, set a timer and get to work searching throughout the house! For added competitive spirit, award the person who gathers the most items on the list a festive prize.  

2. Holiday Fashion Show 

Put your creativity to the test and get decked out in your most outrageous holiday gear! From crazy sweaters to reindeer ears to light-up accessories, try and compete for the most festive outfit. Then, judge each other’s outfits as each team member walks the virtual runway and shows off their style.  

3. Create a Virtual Gratitude Wall 

Celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving by getting together with your team and writing virtual notes expressing what you’re thankful for. Then, compile all the notes into a collage for the whole team to enjoy. While you’re working on your notes, spend time discussing your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories. 

4. Virtual Gift Exchange 

A virtual gift exchange is a great way to show the holiday spirit of giving from afar. To keep this activity stress-free and accessible to the whole team, set a price limit and make it clear that participation is optional. Those who do elect to participate can virtually draw names to designate who to give to. Think of ideas that are easy to send via email, like a gift card to a local coffee shop or tickets to a fun experience, like an escape room or guided painting session.  

5. Virtual Holiday Trivia  

Put your holiday knowledge to the test with a themed virtual trivia game! Test your team to see who knows the most fun facts about seasonal songs, traditions and more. You can either use a virtual trivia hosting platform, like Kahoot, or designate someone on the team to write your own questions.  

These activities are sure to spread cheer among your team, no matter how far apart you are.  

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