Why I love being a Kforce consultant


How Kforce Changes Kunal Suri's Perspective on Being a Consultant

Kunal Suri wanted to feel like he belonged with his employer. He didn’t want to feel he was just a faceless, nameless worker who clocked in, did his work and clocked out.

However, as a consultant, he figured having an employer who didn’t know you was the norm–just part of the gig. His last four years with Kforce has changed his perspective.

Kunal moved to the U.S. to earn his MBA in 2010 and then worked for a healthcare company. After two years, he wanted to make a move and see what else was out there. His goal was to try an entirely new industry. During his research, a friend referred him to Kforce.

“My brain loves to research stuff,” says Kunal. “So, of course, I went straight to Google and looked up Kforce. The more I saw online, the more I was interested. Current and former employees gave such great reviews about Kforce.” Kunal contacted a Kforce recruiter in the Dallas office. “To my great luck, they had an open job opportunity.”

And then something unprecedented happened.

“They wanted me to come into the office and talk with them.” A staffing firm had never wished to interview him in person before.

“In the consulting world, generally companies just ask for your resume and send it off to the client,” explains Kunal. “They don’t take the time to get to know you. Maybe they talk to you once or twice over the phone, but that’s about it.”

Working with Kforce as  a consultant

Kunal says the Kforce account manager and recruiter took the time to get to know him, before bringing him on board with their client. “I felt that Kforce truly cared about me, and I knew they would back me up. It wasn’t like a proxy thing that generally happens.”

After talking with Kforce, Kunal had an onsite interview for a Senior Business Analyst with their client. “I got the offer the moment I walked out of the interview!” Since then, Kunal has been working with the same client and says it’s been such a great journey for him. He explains how Kforce provides transparency and close communication.

Kforce is not just an employer..

Kunal didn’t expect to feel such a strong sense of security as a consultant. He discusses the misconceptions and assumptions many people have about being a consultant. “When I talk with people who are working in a full-time role about the consulting world, their perception is totally different than what I’ve experienced. A top concern people have about becoming a consultant is a lack of job security.” Kunal doesn’t share that concern. He states, “Even when my projects are coming to an end, I know Kforce is proactively lining up another position.”

In addition, he says he is empowered to be innovative. Kunal says, “Kforce is a firm that provides end-to-end solutions for a lot of companies and delivers true business value. We make our clients more innovative.”

Projects I work on as a consultant

Kunal believes the opportunities for Kforce consultants are endless, explaining “Kforce works on numerous types of projects and initiatives, in a wide array of industries.” He went on to explain how mutually beneficial the consultant/client relationship is. “We consultants truly make an impact with Kforce’s customers, helping them achieve their goals. For the client I work with, we have decreased time to market and increased productivity. We do whatever needs to be done to ensure success.”

Kforce core values

“I love what I do, and I am surrounded by other Kforce consultants who come to work energized and excited. The Kforce employees I work with always seem to have a smile on their face and are dedicated to providing a positive experience for us consultants. Let me tell you, this is not the norm at other firms.”

Over the last four years, the relationship between Kforce and Kunal has continued to grow. They’ve supported his ongoing education in his field, such as helping him earn his SAFe certification. “A lot of companies are moving toward using SAFe, so it’s important that I am certified–and Kforce made it happen for me. I’m thankful I get to work with people like Rob Cornwell. He suggested I get my SAFe certification since he knew I was interested in it–and helped me every step of the way.” He remarks how friendly Kforce employees are, going out of their way to help others.

I love what I do with Kforce

Kunal’s relationship with Kforce continues to grow. He was recently promoted to a core employee as a Solution Director for Kforce Advanced Services.

Kunal had the following comments to share with current Kforce consultants, future consultants, employees and clients.

A message to Kforce clients

“Kforce takes good care of their consultants and invests in our careers. We are happy. Together, we come in and help achieve your goals, working closely with you, being proactive and devoted to your success–doing whatever needs to be done.”

“Kforce is very proactive, gaining a deep understanding of what we consultants do, how to make us better and providing additional opportunities to make an impact. They recognize our potential fast – they live and breathe agile. In the vertical I’m in, they saw my achievement even before I did, and found ways to build upon it. That allows us to innovate and continue to add value to your business.”

A message to Kforce employees

“Kforce leaders help their consultants grow their career. They seem to live by the motto that better workforce experience leads to better efficiency and improved productivity.”

“Kforce employees are a joy to work with. We spend most of our time during the week at work, and so many people take their sad faces home. They are drained, unfulfilled and unhappy. Kforce strives to make their consultants happy. When we are at the client’s location, and representing the Kforce name, it seems apparent to Kforce customers that you take care of your consultants.”

“To Kforce employees, you love what you do, and it shows. Thank you!”

A message to Kforce consultants

“When you do your job well, Kforce will recognize it and provide you with additional responsibilities and opportunities. This is a great thing–you are not stuck in one thing for your whole life.”

“We help our customers be successful, and if they are successful, we are successful! Let’s solve complex problems together and build strategic partnerships. This is not a “come in once, and we are done, gone forever” situation. Customers keep asking us to come back again and again and stay there, working with them to deliver value to their customers.”

A message to future Kforce consultants

“Don’t look at Kforce as a staffing firm who is going to put you out on a project, you get your pay and that’s about it. Look at Kforce as a family you are joining. There is so much opportunity here to apply your talent and grow your career.”

“Kforce will help you become better at your job. There are so many available programs they provide, with additional opportunities to learn–even outside of the client. Things are always changing in the technology industry, and you must stay on top of everything in your field. Kforce University provides ongoing education on new technology. Kforce helps you with certifications, and they believe in investing in you and your career. They have a Consultant Care team who is there for you, every step of the way.”

“My friends who are consultants with other firms tell me once they start working onsite, they never hear from their employer. They feel they are on their own, hearing from the consulting company maybe once every two months. It’s not like that here. You remain close to Kforce–in fact, the account manager and I talk daily. If I am facing any issues, he helps. If I want to take a vacation, he helps me find a backup.”

“The pay, training opportunities and benefits are great–but the relationships Kforce builds with their consultants are what makes a consultant truly happy. Kforce shows us that they care.”

“I know I am not on my own. I belong to the Kforce family.”

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