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Consultant Spotlight: Srinivas Chilukuri

Looking to achieve longevity as a contractor? Hear from Kforce Consultant Srinivas Chilukuri on his 10-year journey with Kforce and his secret to building a long-standing consultant career.

You’ve been a Kforce consultant for 10 years now! What first drew you to the organization?

I’ve been in the consulting field for many years. I worked for Kforce in the early days of my career and enjoyed my experience there. When the opportunity presented itself to work there again, I didn’t hesitate and took the job. Kforce provides opportunities to grow in my career and the projects I have been assigned have made me a more competitive candidate in the workforce.

Can you describe your current role?

My job consists of installing, configuring, customizing and maintaining a product suite and integrating MicroStrategy with an IBM WebSphere Portal. In addition to my role as senior business intelligence and MicroStrategy developer, I also have responsibilities as an architect and administrator. I enjoy using my knowledge and expertise to explore new products and integrate them with the existing ones.

How is Kforce different from other companies you’ve worked with?

Kforce has always prioritized my pursuit of knowledge in ways other consulting firms haven’t.

Kforce truly cares about its employees and has had a tremendous impact on me. They advocate for consultants and ensure we are reaching our full potential. I know that I have their full support in steering my career in the direction that I want.

Kforce Talent Partner Chris Davis described you as “displaying a loyalty that is rarely seen by consultants in today’s ever-changing IT landscape.” What inspired your loyalty to Kforce?

My commitment to Kforce stems from my values closely overlapping with that of the company. Loyalty is a crucial aspect of my work ethic. I believe in building a strong, long-term relationship with my colleagues and clients for better work outcomes. I have a clearer understanding of the client’s overarching goals and what they stand for.

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What kind of opportunities has Kforce given you throughout your consultant career?

Kforce has given me the chance to learn and explore my interests at this job in a way that suits my needs. I believe that knowledge is the greatest weapon. As someone who is curious and always wanting to learn more, this has been a plus.

Currently, I work from home, which allows me to balance my work and personal life. The flexibility that Kforce has given me in structuring my work schedule has also had a positive impact on my life.

What encouraged you to get into consultant work?

I enjoy trying new things in my personal and professional life. Consulting gives me the chance to work on different projects without being tied down to just one company or client. I value having that flexibility in my career.

Can you describe an essential trait that every consultant must have to be successful?

Being a consultant means you have to adapt quickly to new projects and be ready to adjust to new work environments and teams, if necessary. So being flexible, thinking fast on your feet and always bringing your A-game is essential to this kind of job.

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Always branch out and learn new technologies to stay updated in your field.

In all my years of being in the workforce, I’ve received a lot of advice. That one has always stuck with me and stayed fresh in my mind. It is especially important when working in IT because technology is continually evolving, and there are endless opportunities to learn.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a Kforce consultant?

I’ve had personal and professional growth. The opportunities, experiences and roles I’ve fulfilled over the years have allowed me to develop my leadership skills, take the initiative on more significant assignments and made me more confident in my abilities.

Throughout your years as a Kforce consultant, what has been your fondest memory?

One of my fondest memories was receiving the 10 years of service award that recognized my work and contribution to this company. I was not expecting this honor and was so delighted when I got it in the mail. It was a great feeling to have all of my hard work recognized and appreciated. The memory of receiving the award will stay with me for a long time.

Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model has always been my mom. Ever since my childhood, she always encouraged me to pursue computer science and believed in my potential to succeed. I am grateful for her unwavering support. It is only because of her influence and persistence that I am the person I am today.

Can you describe Kforce’s relationship with consultants?

Kforce has consistently shown that they care about their consultants. They keep in touch with my needs and ensure that my career is progressing in the direction that I want. Over the past 10 years, Kforce always assured that the journey is pleasant and stable despite hardships like COVID-19.

What does your relationship with Kforce mean to you on a personal level?

Kforce is a great company to work for. I feel like a part of the family.

The bond I have with Kforce is really special. My resource manager and account manager often call to check in on my well-being and inquire about my family. It is great to see this kind of support from my consulting company. They also support any needs I have in my professional career.

Can you describe your hobbies outside of work?

Cooking has always been my passion and is something that I can do for hours on end. Along with my special biryani recipe, I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and changing up old ones. I also love a good comedy and watching movies for a relaxing end to a busy workday.

What three insights do you have for those considering a long-standing consultant career?

  • Communicate effectively. When you are working on a team, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Being able to express yourself on any communication channel allows your voice to be heard and ensures your ideas are taken into consideration.
  • Be a go-getter. Take the initiative, be ready to start new assignments and show your enthusiasm for your work. Having the ability to step forward and take charge of tasks demonstrates you can be counted on in any situation. This characteristic makes you an asset to an organization.
  • Listen to others. Active listening ensures you have more meaningful relationships with your co-workers and that you can be trusted with any task. It also means you are more aware of what is going on and can help tackle any issues that arise from multiple perspectives.

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