Kforce Employee Spotlight: Courtney Radin

Senior Sales Director Courtney Radin has been a dedicated employee of Kforce since October 2010. This active, outdoorsy Kforcer has traveled the country training offices and has done so with passion. Learn about Courtney’s biggest mentor, the book she thinks everyone should read and why she loves her job.

Employee Spotlight

How long have you been with Kforce, and what positions have you held during your time here?
I started at Kforce as a Client Relationship Manager almost eight years ago when the Boston office was just getting up and running again from the down economy. I was promoted to Market Manager in 2014, but I ultimately decided managing a team wasn’t for me. I met with Kye Mitchell and talked about some different options; she invited me to be a part of a small T3 (Train the Trainer) team.

As a T3, I am able to travel to different offices and lead other new hires in our new sales methodology “Kway”. I like this because I’m able to help and mentor these new hires without having to manage on a day-to-day basis and can still be in the “weeds” with my clients.

You’ve been in the Boston office your entire Kforce career. What do you love about the culture?
It’s the people – everyone’s drive is very similar to mine. My leadership has done a good job at giving me the tools to succeed, empowering me and giving me the flexibility to run my business in the way that makes me successful.

It’s a consistently fun environment to be in. I’ve been fortunate enough to interact and be hands-on with most of the offices across the country. Boston is great, and I love it. I also like that I get to travel to other offices too!

What is the number one challenge you face at your job, and what have you learned from it?
I’d say my biggest challenge is working with different personalities on my team. I move fast, so I have to tell myself to slow down sometimes to work respectfully with my team.

You can only be as successful as your teammates

If you could switch jobs with anyone at Kforce for a day, whose job would you choose?
Kye Mitchell, our Chief Operations Officer. She is strategic, drives the direction of the Firm, and I think it is an unbelievable accomplishment that she is the only woman executive. She is passionate about her job and maintains a good balance of family life.

I love that she is a leading voice to where the Firm is going to be in the future. People look up to her for advice and truly want to hear and value her opinions.

Who has been your biggest mentor during your time at Kforce?
Dorothy LeCoultre, our Business Partner VP. When I first started, she was in the same role as I am now. I remember asking myself, “Who is this woman? How is she number one? How do I get to be her?” I knew if she was number one, I had to see what she was doing and mirror that.

Whenever I need something or just a friend to talk to, she is always there for me. I think we have gone through a lot of the same struggles, so having someone who truly understands by your side is really great.

She has taught me to be content with what I have. She cares so much about my future and always helps me to have a positive attitude and reminds me of all I have, and to be grateful for it all.

What is your favorite Kforce memory?
I made the PIP trip my first year at Kforce. Andy Thomas, our Chief Marketing Officer, came up to me during the trip to say that he was proud of me. That meant a lot.

What book do you recommend?
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a book about positive thinking and putting out what you want to come back. I highly recommend!

What’s one piece of advice you would give college graduates?

Career Advice from Courtney Radin

You never know when it could come full circle.

If you could travel anywhere in the world that you haven’t visited, where would you go?
There are so many places in the world to travel to and visit. I have a long travel bucket list, but definitely Italy. I hope to conquer that destination in the near future!

I’ve already been to Asia and Australia and would love to go back to those places, but I’ve never been to Europe. Before I start repeating locations I would like to visit places I’ve never been, and who doesn’t want to go to Italy?

What do you like doing outside of Kforce?

I like being active. I enjoy bike riding and going to the gym. I’ve done triathlons, and I love to travel. I also love to be at the beach—anything outdoors.

I also think that I can have fun doing anything if I’m with good people. I can be indoors or at a movie or out to dinner. That’s more important to me than the activity itself; being with friends and laughing. Laughing is my favorite.

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