Kforce Employee Spotlight: Tameka Roberts

Our employees are what makes Kforce a unique, fun, and fulfilling place to work. We wanted to give you the opportunity to hear straight from our employees across our Firm – what their role is all about, and why they love being a part of the Kforce Family.

Employee Spotlight: Tameka Roberts

To kick off our Employee Spotlight series, we chatted with Tameka Roberts, a recruiter from our San Antonio office. She was recently recognized by our Consultants for her hard work and exemplary customer service, and we wanted to get to know her and find out what she enjoys most about her role at Kforce.

You have recently received high praise from one of our consultants. What is it like to know you are making such a significant impact in others’ lives?

My main goal has always been to change individuals’ lives on a daily basis. I want to help people be as successful as they can be because I can sympathize with people who are unemployed, as well as people who are currently working and would like to look at other employment options. If I cannot offer them a position, the least I can do is offer advice for possible future roles, or provide insight on basic interview and resume tips.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people that I am able to meet each and every day make my job enjoyable.  Getting involved with people who are out in the community and knowing that I am able to assist them, is a positive aspect of being a recruiter.

What do you love most about Kforce?

Kforce focuses on their employees’ development. The training that they employ in the beginning truly breaks everything down step-by-step. They really give you the foundation to create your own recruiting style. You are able to be yourself in a company that cares about your success.

Do you have advice for others who are looking to get into recruiting?

The main piece of advice that I have is to remember that your candidates are people too; they are not just an added dollar amount to your paycheck. Help them find a job that will complement their skill set, as well as be a great culture fit. If they need assistance with interview and resume success – help them so that they can have more opportunities in the future. Also, always remember to hustle, make an effort, and keep your momentum going.

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