Kforce Employee Spotlight: Vincent Overmyer

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In this week’s Employee Spotlight, we got to know Vincent Overmyer, a Proposal Analyst who works in our Tampa office. We learned about his role, his family’s charity, Heroes Welcome Home, and why he feels it’s important to give back.

Tell us a little about Heroes Welcome Home. Can you describe the mission?

Heroes Welcome Home (HWH) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization assisting military veteran heroes in their home ownership endeavors. Founded on a core belief of giving back, it is our mission and honor to guide our heroes through their home buying process. We partner with community foundations, businesses and individuals alike in order to raise both funds and awareness for our worthy cause.

To honor those who have served, our group of dedicated volunteers provide financial aid for down payment assistance, home surveys, closing costs, or other approved home buying expenses to veterans in need. The funds can also supplement any other assistance a hero may obtain, such as VA loans, various home purchasing grants, conventional/FHA loans, etc. 

How do the golf tournaments benefit the returning veterans that the charity supports?

This year, we hosted our 3rd Veterans Day tournament. All funds raised from our golf tournaments are used to help out veterans in need of assistance with home ownership. In the past, these funds have gone towards down payment assistance as well as various closing costs for our awardees.

What’s your favorite part of working with Heroes Welcome Home? What are some of the biggest challenges and most rewarding moments?

My favorite part of working with HWH is volunteering side by side with my family and friends for a great cause. The planning and donation requests can be hectic, but we always have a blast at our events. Over the years, we’ve attracted a following of appreciative veterans, so it’s great to see familiar faces at our fundraisers.

Logistics are always a challenge for our events. We’re all 100% volunteers with full-time jobs, so all planning is done on nights/weekends. But I’m happy to say that with a few years of experience under our belt, our fundraisers are getting smoother and more successful every time.

One of the more rewarding experiences occurred last year. We learned of a young Florida National Guard member whose apartment had recently caught fire. She and her family made it out all right but lost everything in the fire. She served over 5 years in the Army and we wanted nothing more than to help her during this time of need. With our golf tournament just around the corner, HWH committed to donating 25% of our proceeds to her and her family to help get them back on their feet.  It was wonderful to be able to help her out, especially so close to Christmas.

Why do you feel it’s important to give back to your community? How does your role at Kforce enable you to give back?

I feel we all must contribute to local causes close to our hearts. Whether it’s helping out the needy, donating to animal shelters or financially assisting veterans, there is something we can all do to assist those who need it most in our communities. 

I’ve never worked for a company with such a strong emphasis on stewardship and giving back. The volunteer and community outreach opportunities that Kforce encourages employees to do are truly unique and awe-inspiring. It’s been awesome to have had so many opportunities to volunteer with my peers this year at Kforce!

Where can people go to find more information about volunteering with Heroes Welcome Home?

We try to do at least two major fundraising events a year. We are always in need of volunteers, donations, raffle items, and most importantly, veteran contacts in need of home ownership financial assistance. If anybody would like to learn more about our group or find details on how to help, please check out our website: www.heroeswelcomehomefl.com

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