Employee Spotlight: Juliana Stalzer 

This month, Juliana Stalzer is in the spotlight. She recently celebrated her 4th year at Kforce! Read about her Kforce journey and what she’s learned from her career thus far.

Employee Spotlight

How did you begin your career at Kforce?

Right after I graduated from Belmont Abbey College, I was looking for a career that would mesh well with my degree and personality. Kristen Mahoney, a friend of mine before I worked at Kforce, reached out to me and suggested that I interview for a recruiting role. It was a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so I went for the interview. I started as a recruiter, and I moved a year later into a client-focused sales position. I just celebrated my 4-year anniversary last week!

What do you enjoy most about your career?

The number one thing that I like most about my job is that the days are never the same. I am able to get out and meet new people every day, which continuously allows me to learn and evolve in my career. Planning strategies, providing solutions and discussing best practices are parts of my career that I’m passionate about.

It's all about making a difference

What is the number one challenge you face at your job, and what have you learned from it?

The biggest challenge that I come across is not being able to predict the outcomes of business decisions. I’m very emotionally invested in my career, and I put my heart into my job every morning when I come to work. It’s hard when things don’t go as planned on the sales end of my job, but learning from this has allowed me to mature both personally and professionally.

I really resonate with the saying, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” It pushes me to do my best in my career.

You must be challenged at work!

Out of all the places you’ve been to, where is your favorite travel destination?

St. Martin! The island is absolutely beautiful in every direction you go.

The island is special to me for a personal reason too. When my parents visited years ago, they flew into the St. Martin airport, which is called Princess Juliana International Airport – that’s where they came up with my name!

If you could travel anywhere in the world that you haven’t been to, where would you go?

I would go backpacking throughout Europe. I’d try to visit as many countries as possible, but the countries that I’d make sure to explore are Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Greece and Spain. I enjoy hiking and being outdoors, so backpacking would be a dream. I hope to go on a trip in the near future!

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