Employee Spotlight: Mike Maiure

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This week, we got to know Strategic Relationship Director Mike Maiure. He shared his outlook on success and offered an insider’s look into tech industry trends and what it means for our clients, consultants and potential job candidates.

You recently commented on an article written by our President of Strategy and Client Partnerships Casey Jacox: “Everyone has the will to win… Not everyone has the will to prepare to win.” What does this mean to you?

Someone in our office was invited to the New York Rangers locker room, and this quote was on the wall above one of the exit doors. While I was reading Casey’s article, it instantly reminded me of this quote, which really resonates with me. You have to practice, especially in our industry. Many people are uncomfortable with role play, but it’s better to practice in the office than with our clients. Of course we all want to win, but not everyone is willing to put in the time to prepare for a successful win.

What is your advice for young professionals looking to enter the technology industry?

The good news for new graduates entering the technology industry is that more and more companies are hiring young developers right out of college. This gives the employer the opportunity to mold new employees into their own environment. They’re in search of these young, tech-savvy developers who would make great long-term players on their team.

Internships can give college students and recent grads a significant advantage. If you’re looking to enter this industry, start with an internship, whether it’s with your school or a local company. Coming out of college with experience under your belt will put you above your competition.

What about you? What have you learned during your time at Kforce, and what advice do you have to share?

I’ve learned that differentiation is critical in our industry. In order for our account managers to bring in new clients, they need to show how Kforce can uniquely serve the clients’ needs. There are thousands of staffing firms, so we must stand out in order to thrive!

Differentiation is just as important for job candidates. They need to find ways to stand out among their competition, such as designing their resume to focus on accomplishments rather than job tasks. It’s important for candidates to demonstrate their ability to contribute and add to the company’s success. In addition, job candidates need to follow up during the interview process. Too many people don’t, and the ones that do are a step ahead – the fortune is in the follow up.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kforce?

The culture at Kforce is great. Everyone is so helpful, and we want to see each other succeed. Our team constantly celebrates wins, and we talk through the losses. It’s an extremely collaborative environment that fits well with the industry that we’re in. No one is on an island – we’re all in this together. I also appreciate the flexibility and the work-life balance. When it comes to Kforce, the leadership is understanding and encourages productivity.

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