Kforce Managed Services Solution Saves Customer $800,000

A multibillion-dollar tech company's network operations team struggled as their workload increased. Spread out in silos across the nation, the group experienced information disconnects. Employees lacked the capacity to support their 50 internal partners and the large volume of incidents on their cloud-hosting platform. In addition, their cloud platform required zero downtime, which made resolving these issues more challenging.

As morale and productivity tanked, leadership knew something had to be done.

The director turned to Kforce because of their national presence, delivery capabilities, proven track record and ability to provide a consistent operating model across multiple markets.

Kforce proposed its Managed Services model, a customer-centric solution designed to increase the customer’s focus on strategic business priorities and minimize the administrative burdens of talent acquisition, onboarding and performance management.

“When our client came to us, they needed a solution to share information and services across multiple teams spread throughout the organization,” says Kforce Client Relationship Manager Chris Gebhardt.

Chris’s team provides network operations support, dev ops services, tools engineering and monitoring. As part of the managed services model, an on-site engagement manager was brought on board to serve as a liaison between the customer and Kforce’s delivery team and project consultants.

“We deployed a technical engagement manager that sits onsite, leads the team, ensures that all SLA’s are met and acts as a liaison to the direct client management,” Chris says.

Kforce brought in Jamie Munoz, Kforce Engagement Manager, to lead the managed services team. Her responsibilities include handling the tedious scheduling needs required to maintain 24-hour support.

 “I provide value by taking the management burden off the client by handling day-to-day operations, as well as keeping a close pulse on productivity, retention, workforce needs and overall performance of the team.”

Jamie spends time with each employee, providing training to entry-level employees and setting them up for success. One of her most significant accomplishments while working with Kforce’s client is implementing a career track program — a launch pad for discovering promotable talent from within.

“These new implementations give our junior associates clear goals, a set path to move up in their careers and within the company,” says Mike Jones, Kforce Talent Director. “Since implementation, 10 associates have been promoted, and 14 have been brought on as permanent employees.”

“It’s great to be part of such a motivated, collaborative and ambitious group and I feel very fortunate that I get to work for Kforce, and have the opportunity to build our teams and create a family vibe,” Jamie adds.

At the beginning of their partnership, Jamie brainstormed ideas, evaluated available resources and quickly came back with a complete team of consultants, integrating them with the company’s internal team. With Kforce’s help, the company built a centralized monitoring platform from the ground up.

“Our team of experts collaborated with our customer to build a new cloud-based platform that automated alerts and deployed patches seamlessly,” says Chris. “With these solutions, the customer’s teams were no longer working in silos. Ninety-five percent of repeated production events were prevented, and we are saving our client over $800,000 annually.”           

Kforce and their tech client achieved great results through strategic partnership and knowledge sharing. “Our team’s goal has been the same from day one,” says Chris. “We found a solution for our client’s needs and delivered the right talent efficiently—completing their initiatives successfully.” Advanced Services - Contact Us