STEM Lessons for Kids Technical Support

STEM Career Spotlight: IT Technical Support

Jason Hargrove, Supervisor of Technical Support

Jason Hargrove, Supervisor of Technical Support


Key Skill: Technical Support


Want to work in technical support like Jason? These activities are a great place to start!

K-5 BBC Bitesize - Parts of a Computer

This interactive lesson teaches you the different parts of a computer. When you’re done, apply what you’ve learned with the accompanying game GoKart Grab, where you’ll work against the clock to try and gather as many computer parts as possible.

6-8 Crash Course Computer Science

This video series gives you a closer look at the evolution of computers, teaches the difference between hardware and software, discusses how and why our smart devices keep getting smarter and shares what we can predict about the computers of the future.

9-12 GFC Global Computer Basics

This library of information and short videos will help you grow your understanding of computer basics. Test your knowledge at the end with a Computer Basics quiz!