Client Challenge: 

Successfully sponsor a student visa under a strict timeline to prevent the loss of a critical resource mid-assignment 

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers realized its top research scientist’s visa was set to expire mid-assignment.

With 27 manufacturing sites worldwide and the implementation of a large company initiative only halfway complete, our client realized the project couldn’t afford to lose its critical resource and sought partnership with a firm who could navigate the visa sponsorship process under a strict deadline.



Kforce's visa approval rate is 99%

Kforce Solution:

Utilize our team of immigration and visa experts to expedite the sponsorship of a H-1B visa, allowing our client to retain their key resource 

With a visa approval rating exceeding the industry standard of 88%, our client knew Kforce could resolve issues relating to the expiring student visa with accuracy and within the time constraints.  

Once engaged with our client, Kforce’s International Talent Solutions (ITS) experts quickly filed the required paperwork and was awarded sponsorship of the consultant’s H-1B visa within only a few weeks.  

Powerful Results:

Continue to partner with our client for additional visa solutions after an initial successful visa sponsorship 

Leveraging our extensive visa and immigration experience, Kforce was able to secure a H-1B visa for our client’s scientist—ensuring the key project could continue uninterrupted. 

Due to Kforce’s knowledge and speed of service with navigating the visa process, the automaker has since repeatedly partnered with us for help resolving similar visa challenges.


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