Human Rights Policy

Consistent with our Core Values and Commitment to Integrity, Kforce’s Code of Business Conduct, Kforce is committed to ethical business practices that respect human rights and help to maintain the highest levels of health, safety, and human dignity.  The purpose of this Human Rights Policy (“Policy”) is to establish Kforce’s commitment to conducting business in a manner that demonstrates our respect for the fundamental value of human rights and dignity, to show through our actions that human rights violations are avoidable and unacceptable, and to do business with suppliers and other third parties who conduct business in a similar manner.

This Policy and our commitment to upholding and promoting human rights applies to all Kforce directors, officers, associates, candidates, and independent contractors. Kforce also expects its external business partners, suppliers, and clients to uphold this Policy and adhere to all relevant human rights principles.

Preventing Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation

Our commitment to human rights is woven throughout our workplace policies, including our Professionalism and Respect in the Workplace Policy and our Commitment to Integrity. Our policies demonstrate our belief that workers must be treated humanely, with dignity and respect, and must be provided appropriate working conditions and terms free from all forms of discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), and retaliation.

Kforce is committed to providing equal opportunity employment for all and fostering a culture that promotes equal opportunity throughout the entire employment process.  Therefore, Kforce has zero tolerance for discrimination on the basis of one’s race, color, religion, creed, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, physical or mental disability, pregnancy (including childbirth, breastfeeding, or related medical condition), national origin, genetic information or ancestry, military or veteran status, domestic violence victim status, protected activity (such as opposition to or reporting of prohibited discrimination or harassment), as well as citizenship, marital or family, veteran, and family medical leave status, or any other status protected by applicable law(s).

Likewise, Kforce does not tolerate harassment, bullying, or abuse of any kind, (including sexual harassment), threats of harassment, or retaliation for reporting discrimination or harassment.

Prohibiting Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

In order to maintain the highest levels of human dignity and respect, Kforce will only engage in business practices that comply with the U.S. Government’s zero tolerance policy regarding trafficking in persons. Kforce does not tolerate and will not engage in any form of human trafficking or use forced or involuntary labor (including, but not limited to, the direct or indirect procurement or use of commercial sex acts, forced labor, child labor, debt bondage, involuntary servitude, and sex trafficking), in the performance of any work or otherwise demand service from an individual under threat or coercion. Rather, all work will be conducted under freely agreed terms.

Kforce will not engage in misleading or fraudulent practices during the recruitment of employees or offering of employment/contract positions, such as failing to disclose basic information in a format and language understood by the employee or applicant. Likewise, Kforce shall not make material misrepresentations about key employment terms during our recruitment process, and our recruiters and suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable labor and employment laws.

Kforce will not withhold or destroy, conceal, confiscate, or deny access by workers to the workers’ identity or immigration documents such as passports or drivers’ licenses. Additionally, Kforce does not require applicants to bear any form or type of fees, costs, charges, assessments, or other financial obligations associated with their recruitment.

No Child Labor

Kforce does not directly or indirectly engage in child labor or forced labor. All of our employment relationships are voluntary, and we are committed to ensuring that all employment terms comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Safe and Healthy Working Conditions

The safety and wellness of our workers is of the utmost importance. We comply with all applicable safety and health laws and regulations as well our own internal requirements. Kforce is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace free from violence, harassment, bullying, abuse, or intimidation. We take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injury, and we promptly and appropriately address any such issues while maintaining worker privacy and dignity. Kforce is also committed to providing and maintaining working conditions and terms that meet applicable legal standards, without limitation, including laws, regulations and standards relating to wages and benefits, working hours, overtime pay, and the observation of legally mandated breaks and rest periods.

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kforce values the growth, success, and individuality of all its workers and contractors, and we strive to promote an inclusive, diverse, and equitable working environment for everyone. We are dedicated to building an inclusive environment that celebrates our diverse employee, consultant, supplier and client communities and their unique perspectives and ideas. We seek to ensure an equitable talent journey for all through policies that support our people and partnerships that promote individual dignity, mutual respect, and appreciation for diverse backgrounds. Together with our associates and business partners, we advocate for and foster a culture of inclusion, acceptance and belonging.

Freedom of Association & Non-Retaliation

Kforce encourages an environment that fosters communication and employee engagement while promoting and supporting productivity. We strive to ensure business standards are clearly understood and channels of communication are available for individuals to openly and directly communicate with management based on a foundation of trust and integrity without fear of retaliation, intimidation, or harassment. Kforce is also committed to respecting workers’ rights to freedom of association without fear of retaliation, intimidation, or harassment.

Community Engagement

Kforce recognizes its responsibilities to the communities we serve and in which we operate, and we strive to make a significant impact on our communities by participating in and coordinating and encouraging our workers, clients, and suppliers to become involved in charitable and volunteer activities to support such communities.  


Kforce respects the privacy of our associates, consultants, business partners and clients, and we are committed to handling all personal information with care and in accordance with applicable data privacy and protection laws. We have implemented policies and safeguards to protect from unauthorized access or disclosure, and ensure the proper handling of, the confidential and personal information we collect in the course of our business.

Reporting Suspected Violations

Together, we all have an obligation to protect and uphold human rights. To do your part to promote the enforcement of this Policy and the principles described herein, you are required to report all violations or suspected violations of this Policy or any activity inconsistent with prohibiting trafficking in persons through your leader, the Open Door Policy, or by raising a concern through our Integrity Hotline. Kforce will not retaliate or permit retaliation against anyone raising a concern or reporting a violation or suspected violation in good faith.

Kforce will take appropriate actions against any employee, agent, or subcontractor who is found to be in violation of this Policy. A violation of this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, or removal from a federal contract or subcontract.