Client Challenge: 

Convert enterprise data architecture to a cloud-based platform

As a result of a recent policy re-platform (Guidewire), a Super Regional Carrier with over $1.2 billion DWP (direct written premium) in the property & casualty insurance industry sought to re-architect their enterprise data warehouse (EDW) using a cloud-based platform (Snowflake). This initiative included architecture, modeling, development and reporting for quote, policy, claims and billing data.

The client partnered with Kforce to lead the set-up, development and deployment of their new cloud based EDW in a series of four phases. Throughout this initiative, it was also crucial to meet the client’s requirements for data integrity and quality standards while ensuring minimal to no impact to existing business reports.



Client challenge

Kforce Solution:

Kforce’s Project Solutions drives successful cloud-based EDW transition and implementation

Kforce recommended its Project Solutions model and deployed a full-service team consisting of a Project Manager, two Data Architects, a Tech Lead, two Data Modelers and several Developers. This team was responsible for navigating each phase of the client’s EDW re-build (Discovery, Design & Development, Testing and Go-Live). The team was given a variety of key responsibilities, including:

- Facilitating transition to new ETL tool (Matillion)

- Automating processes for loading, validating, transforming and publishing data

- Defining re-usable data ingestion patterns

- Integrating FTEs with the existing dev team

- Defining business keys missing from Data Hub in conjunction with Guidewire SMEs

- Successful near-shore augmentation

- Driving testing

Kforce’s team successfully led and navigated each phase of the client’s migration initiative, allowing the client’s leadership team to remain focused on strategic and operational priorities.

Powerful Results:

Successful cloud-based enterprise data warehouse migration and go-live

Kforce’s team successfully designed, developed and deployed the client’s Snowflake cloud-based enterprise data warehouse. The new EDW has been implemented in accordance with best practices, including:

  • Data-processing frameworks which support alerting, logging and lineage
  • Delivering clean, versioned and tested code supported by regular refactoring with clear separation between production and non-production environments
  • Leveraging in-flight data quality monitoring and remediation routines

Key results of the team’s efforts include building and populating 500 staging tables, 240 EDS tables and 140 data marts with Guidewire data. They also successfully transitioned 208 reports to the new data source.



Powerful results



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