Client Challenge: 

Lacking a Confident Quality Assurance (QA) Team 

As one of America’s leading homebuilders, delivery of quality products and services was critical to our client’s success. However, they lacked a testing and quality assurance (QA) team who could confidently ensure the fulfillment of business requirements on their current suite of software packages. The company recognized the need for a QA team to address performance issues and enhance the overall software usage experience.


client challenge


Kforce Solution:

Hybrid QA Team Capable of 24/7 Operation Support 

Kforce provided a project solution delivery model by implementing a hybrid solution to build a QA team who could operate on a 24/7 cycle to achieve the QA objectives for the customer’s entire software portfolio.  

With an 80/20 blend of offsite to onsite consultants, the hybrid model allowed Kforce to build out a strong QA team at reduced costs. This team began with four QA consultants supporting two applications. They were involved in gathering requirements, creating test strategies, implementing test plants and reporting test results. 

During the engagement, our team provided QA for several in-house and platform-as-a-service software packages. They also trained the customer’s  QA team on the use of its own newly purchased Team Foundation Server (TFS) software, which provides source code management, reporting, requirements management, project management and automated builds. 

Powerful Results:

Kforce Team Supports 50 Application Portfolio With 100% Program Deployment Success 

Our team was instrumental in successfully conducting system integration and regression tests for all assigned in-house and commercial off-the-shelf supported applications, including a wide variety of cutting-edge software and hardware platforms.

The customer commended the testing team’s effort to produce quality QA deliverables. They were also extremely appreciative of the level of detail provided throughout the engagement – such as uncovering bugs that the customer’s vendor had not previously seen in its own internal testing. These bugs were deemed significant enough that the customer needed to change the software package in order to fix the issues. 



Powerful results

Today, Kforce’s team now supports a 50-application portfolio. One hundred percent of all programs sent to QA have been deployed successfully with no failures that required a roll-back of deployed code. Overall, the highly successful partnership cultivated a higher level of confidence in software release quality and dependability for the homebuilder and its customers. 



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