Our consultative, hands-on approach delivers custom solutions to ensure business productivity and client success.

Managed Teams as a Service

Now more than ever, businesses rely on flexibility, creativity and innovation to drive results. Whether you are looking for a subject matter expert to provide consultative guidance to your existing team or seeking complete end-to-end management of outcome-based engagements through onsite, offsite, or distributed teams, we will merge our expertise with your vision to create a custom solution that delivers powerful results.

Our engagement methodologies are designed to fit your unique business needs, project requirements, delivery location, timeline and budget while giving you complete visibility across the measured level of responsibility and performance placed upon us.

Below, you will find a summary of responsibility levels for our Managed Teams as a Service (MTaaS) engagement methodologies, as well as where we’ve provided exceptional results to our clients before.



Managed Teams



Managed Outcome

Our comprehensive Managed Outcome services places Kforce at the forefront of managing your most important projects. Utilize a dedicated team of experts, selected with your specific business needs in mind, to track the overall health of the project and deliverables, provide opportunities for workflow and cost optimization, while managing the outcome of your most valued initiatives.  

Project Management



Project Management

Project Management provides complete end-to-end staffing, reporting and management of your most difficult or involved initiatives. With a dedicated Project Manager leading a team of industry professionals and subject matter experts to execute your vision, you will be free to focus on other business needs while still staying in touch with the project’s progress through extensive reporting and deliverable updates. 



Team Management

Merging our staffing expertise with your project management, Team Management allows you to transfer the bulk of a project’s deliverables and day-to-day duties onto Kforce while still providing hands-on direction to the project. 



Team Staffing

For those looking to expand their existing team or build a new team from scratch, Team Staffing provides access to our network of professionals while keeping your current level of involvement intact. We will streamline the hiring process and provide ongoing consultant care, saving you the hassle of trying to find the right talent to fit your needs while managing your team. 

Strategic Placement



Strategic Placement

Tap into our network of Subject Matter Experts and world-class consultants to assist your team in accelerating corporate initiatives, assess and validate your technical environment or provide future state guidance to help you reimagine how business gets done.

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