Kforce unveils new branding

Kforce Announces a New Mission, Vision, Brand Promise and Tagline

Kforce, an award-winning professional staffing firm, announced a new mission, vision, brand promise and tagline today. This is an evolution of the firm’s more than 50-year history, from its beginnings as Romac & Associates in 1962, through more than 20 acquisitions and the dot-com boom, to the firm it is today that provides opportunities for 36,000 professionals every year.

To launch the brand discussion, Kforce surveyed its employees, asking for three words they use to describe the firm, its employee experience and its impact on customers. Words such as successful, meaningful, great, life-changing, and impactful, served as the foundation for the updated brand. The firm confidently launches these new brand elements knowing they have the support of their team members.

Kasey Roberts, Kforce employee, said “Being involved in the brand update made me feel like Kforce truly wanted the brand to be a reflection of our employees. I think the new mission is very representative of where we are today as a firm and really embodies what we strive to do on a daily basis. I’m excited to embrace this new mission in my role.”

Branding roll out- tagline



Uniting Professionals to Achieve Success Through Lasting Personal Relationships®

“Kforce’s lasting personal relationships with its customers positions us to be a guide for their success. To achieve success means something different to each individual, but we believe the first step is matching dynamic, cutting-edge companies with the right innovators, creators, and experts,” said Kforce President, Joe Liberatore.

To demonstrate their mission in action, Kforce released their inaugural 2018 IT Talent Brief along with today’s announcement.







To Have a Meaningful Impact on All the Lives We Serve®

Andrew Thomas, Kforce Chief Marketing Officer said, “Your career is one of life’s biggest decisions, and it’s our vision to be the firm our customers rely on to make their ideal work life a reality. If we can do that effectively, happy professionals will create productive businesses that can make a meaningful impact.”

 As a step toward their vision, Kforce shared a new Job Search Guide where their recruiters walk candidates through every phase of the job search experience.


Brand Promise

Great Results Through Strategic Partnership and Knowledge Sharing®

“’Great results’ is part of the Kforce brand heritage and we continue to make that promise to our customers. While the word knowledge is a nod to our name, which stands for KNOWLEDGEforce®, in today’s digital era we strive to share that knowledge through more mediums than ever,” expressed Kye Mitchell, Kforce Chief Operations Officer.

The firm released a customer success video to demonstrate this promise of strategic partnership with a customer who  needed a solution to share information and services across multiple teams spread throughout their organization.



Kforce Managed Services Solution Saves Customer $800k





We Love What We Do. 
We Love Who We Serve.®

Referring to the tagline, Dunkel describes, “We needed to convey that love and empathy are at the core of what we do. Kforce impacts the livelihoods of our people and those we serve; it’s important to never forget that. This phrase has organically woven itself into Kforce’s brand over the last several years and our people have really embraced it, so it’s only natural that it has made its way into our official brand update.”

In support of their tagline, the firm shared a testimonial from a consultant, Kunal Suri, who expresses what it meant to him to be embraced by the Kforce family.