Team Spotlight: Proposal Services

Over the past few years, Proposal Services has earned a reputation as one of the top non-sales teams at Kforce. Learn about what attributed to their success, their daily schedule and what makes their team culture unique in our Team Spotlight.

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Consultant Spotlight: Chris Muscia

With over a decade of being a contractor, Chris Muscia emphasizes the importance of reskilling, evolving and being open to change to succeed in the consultant space. Learn more about his interview tips, career advice and what it's like to work in the gig economy in our first-ever Consultant Spotlight.

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Employee Spotlight: Annie Taylor

A fulfilling career where you can pursue your passion is achievable at Kforce. Manager of Organizational Development Annie Taylor takes pleasure in helping leaders and teams become more productive. Learn more about Annie’s passion for fostering development and her best tips for effective leadership in our latest Employee Spotlight here.

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Employee Spotlight: Lindsey May

A collaborative team environment first attracted Internal Recruiter Lindsey May when she first joined our Kforce family, and now she’s built lasting relationships. Learn about Lindsey’s thoughts our dynamic team culture, her aspirations for leadership and why her Kforce career has been unforgettable.

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Team Spotlight: Julie Stropka and Addie Ervin

To internal onboarding specialists Julie Stropka and Addie Ervin, a candidate’s passion for joining the Kforce family is a great motivator to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience. Get a glimpse into Julie and Addie's Kforce journeys, the world of internal onboarding and what their team dynamic is like through our first-ever team spotlight.

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