Kforce Employee Spotlight: Maria Crutchley

Talent Director, Maria Crutchley, is a tenured recruiter with 14 years of experience. Although she’s been in the industry since 2007, she recently began her Kforce journey in October 2020. Find out what motivated her to join the Kforce family and how she found success so quickly.

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Kforce Employee Spotlight: Katie Tran

What characteristics of a potential employer are most attractive to you? For Talent Director, Katie Tran, it was our dynamic culture. Learn about how Katie’s journey in the staffing industry led her to Kforce. 

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Kforce Employee Spotlight: Sean Anthony

Looking for an opportunity to grow your skills? To be challenged? To build strong relationships? Our Sales Operations Director Sean Anthony shares his journey from recruiter to successful leader, and how Kforce helped him every step of the way.

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Kforce Consultant Spotlight: Julia Chen

Looking to grow within the tech space, but don’t know where to start? Kforce Consultant Julia Chen shares how she became a software developer, her tips for those working remote and how Kforce helped her gain experience with the newest technology.

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Kforce Consultant Spotlight: Jill Tucker

Looking to step into a leadership role for the first time, or are you building a team from scratch? Kforce Consultant Jill Tucker shares how she’s built a successful team, when she recommends taking risks and how Kforce has helped grow her skills.

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